Stay Connected Throughout your Motorhome Rental Adventure

Travelling in a motorhome offers the freedom to explore the open road and experience the beauty of nature whilst maintaining a comfortable, mobile lifestyle.

In today’s digitally connected world, staying connected to the internet is often a necessity, whether it’s for work, staying in touch with friends and family or just being able to access information whilst on the go, but with motorhome rental sometimes you just don’t know how far off the beaten track your adventures will take you.

When you travel in a motorhome, the most common way to access the internet is via mobile data, you just need to make sure you choose a plan with sufficient data for your needs. Most of us have smart phones, so that makes WIFI a convenient and accessible option. However, if your connection is weak or you are travelling in an area that your mobile phone provider doesn’t cover, then your connection won’t be great. Particularly if you are inside your motorhome rental.

Another thing to consider is Pocket WIFI, these portable devices can be purchased or hired, the latter being the more popular choice. This service is provided to tourists by many companies and providers. Numerous options are available depending on what you can afford.

Many campsites and caravan parks offer Wi-Fi access to their guests and it’s always a good idea to check in advance if the locations you plan to visit have Wi-Fi facilities and how much they charge.  Once you’ve parked up, you will also find public Wi-Fi hotspots in towns and cities across the UK particularly in cafes, restaurants, and libraries.

If you’re likely to be using the internet more heavily, you’ll need a little more planning to make sure that you can always get internet access in your motorhome when you need it. Whilst 4G internet access is common and coverage is good in the UK and in Europe, there are still places where mobile networks are either absent or patchy.

Check coverage maps for the major mobile network providers in the UK to ensure you’ll have a reliable signal in the areas that you plan to visit.

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