Shrewsbury Motorhome Hire – Top 10 Tips!

Hiring a motorhome is sure to bring questions and uncertainties.

As specialists in Shrewsbury motorhome hire, we provide our Top 10 Tips for motorhome rental to equip you with even more knowledge and guidance for a successful and memorable experience.

  1. Plan your route – decide where you want to go and map out your route. Consider the distance between stops, driving times and places to stay.
  2. Inspect your motorhome – whilst the motorhome rental company will have carried out important safety checks of your vehicle, there is no harm inspecting your motorhome thoroughly before you hit the road.
  3. Practice driving – if you’ve never driven a motorhome before, take some time to practice on a quiet road, this will allow you to get used to the size and handling of the vehicle.
  4. Know your dimensions – you don’t want to get stuck under a low bridge, so ensure you pay attention to the height, width and length of your vehicle.
  5. Choose campsites wisely – research and book your campsite in advance especially if you’re travelling during peak seasons. Consider vital facilities such as electricity hook ups.
  6. Pack essentials – take along necessary items only and avoid clutter, this will keep the interior tidy and make the space more comfortable.
  7. Prepare for the weather – check the weather forecast for your route and pack accordingly.
  8. Take it slow and enjoy the journey – the beauty of a motorhome rental trip lies in the journey. Take your time, stop at interesting places and appreciate the freedom and flexibility on offer.
  9. Be mindful of fuel consumption – plan your fuel stops strategically and try to avoid excessive speeding and idling.
  10. Have a backup plan – as experts in Shrewsbury Motorhome Hire, we know that sometimes things don’t go as planned, have a backup route incase your original plans don’t work out.

Remember, a motorhome trip is an adventure, and unexpected situations may arise. Embrace the journey with an open mind and a sense of adventure and you’re sure to create wonderful memories along the way.

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